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Digital Passenger Information Systems – PI

Digital passenger information systems for public transport

These systems are usually located at stops and help the customer to provide the necessary information about arrivals or departures at the stop / boarding / platform. In addition, we offer possibilities to integrate other information into the system such as.B.: Event information, environmental information, connection search, weather, news, guidance systems, advertising, ….

Increase the attractiveness of the medium by linking a wide variety of information on the system and providing the guest with complete information.

Our Software

Our software can be used very flexibly, starting with the simple display of shutdowns to a complex interactive system with a wide variety of applications. We implement the interfaces to your real-time system accordingly and integrate them into our high-availability environment so that failure scenarios can be avoided in the best possible way.

Various interfacec

Our systems dock to your real-time system or data and deliver it to our systems. 

Work fast an smart

With our template system and the flexible configuration of the display, there are hardly any limits for the implementation of your timetable layout.

Reduce downtimes

… by using extensive monitoring of the entire system.

Intelligent caching

… In order to bridge the failure of other systems, we have developed intelligent caching systems that are used on both the server and the client.


With our hardware partners, we can offer you a wide variety of solutions for your stop or station. Whether indoors or outdoors, we help you to find the optimal configuration for the environment. We use various technologies such as LCD, LED or projection with or without a touch option to offer the guest the best possible information easily and quickly.

Display Solutions

LCD displays for indoor and outdoor use, individually adapted to your requirements and CI specifications.


Steles are suitable indoors and outdoors if you want to put a system on the floor. Interactive systems are in great demand here.

LED Walls

LED indicators are very durable, bright and can be read well from a distance.

ePaper Displays

If you have locations where even electricity is a problem, then ePaper displays that require very little power are available.

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