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Digital Signage for Communities

Digital Signage is a modern and innovative medium for your community to keep your citizens informed. Your customers can also interactively query detailed information via touch screens.

Get started DIGITAL and let yourself be convinced by the many possibilities. The NewsRodeo administration software provides you a full range of presentations for digital information transfer (image, video, PDF, Word, Excel, …). Enjoy the advantage of having all your devices updated with the latest information and work comfortably from at home. That saves time and money.

From now on, your customers are always kept up-to-date.

Possible Applications

Digital Office Board

The digital info board can be used as a bulletin board, event calendar, advertisement, etc. and is a great way to present content in a modern and attractive way. You not only save time, money and paper, but also benefit from modern presentation options with media such as images, video, PDF, Word and much more. Waiting times are more pleasant with a digital presentation.

Interaktive Information System

Touchscreens enable customers to interactively navigate through a modern menu to call up the desired content. This information can be updated quickly and easily with the software of the NewsRodeo system. You will not only save time and money, but also benefit from modern presentation options with media such as images, videos, PDF, Word and much more.

Guidance and Orientation Systems

Your visitors and customers can quickly find their destination with an interactive map. The touchscreen also enables to request detailed information or to find rooms using the search function.

If the device is not touched for a long time, it automatically switches to information mode which shows a program sequence you have put together.

More Information

Integrate Additional Feature

You can also integrate emergency communication into the system, which shows the escape routes on the displays in an emergency.



  • Clear map
  • Changes can be made at any time
  • Presentation of detailed information such as: telephone number, e-mail, adress, documents, actions
  • Search function
  • Include advertising

Room and Door Signs

Digital door signs ensure that your rooms are always up-to-date and that changes are easy to make.

More Information

The current and two subsequent appointments are displayed on the door plate. The data is taken from Outlook to show start time, end time, subject and text on the door plate. When the time has elapsed, the display is automatically updated.


Mobile Apps

Contents of the interactive information system are also available on the smartphone (iPhone or Android). This means that visitors, customers and partners are always well informed everywhere. You can update your content conveniently from your workplace via the website.

More Information

Your customers download the app as usual from the “Apple App Store” or “Google Play Store” and install it on their smartphone.

Your Advantages

Easy Handling

The unserinterface is easy to understand and operation is intuitive. Many great design template and features also make work easier.


On request, we can add your features to the NewsRodeo system adjust it o your interfaces.


Updated Daily

You update the information conveniently from your workstation and as soon you activate the changes, they are shown on the selected displays.


 Videos, animated text and pictures draw the customers` attention to you. NewsRodeo system supports all common file formats and much more.