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Plattform for Information and Knowledge

What Is the Software for?

InfoPop is a platform for distributing and managing information and knowledge to your employees, customers or other participants. The perfect solution to digitally inform and train your participants and of course to chat or hold a team conference.

You always have an overview of selected and distributed content such as articles, videos, magazines or e-learning content. Also service instructions, posters or operating instructions can be distributed easily and effectively to the participants.

The InfoPop platform is a modern way to gain knowledge and information. The system runs on all popular devices whether you work with PC, tablet or smartphone.

Your Benefits

Safe Time and Money

You save on printing documents and offer easier a wider education portfolio. This saves time and money.


Knowledge is quickly conveyed and you have absolute control over the progress of your participants. Communication is also as easy and fast as usual.

Flexible - Interfaces

Learn when you have time. In addition, InfoPop offers individual settings and also integrates existing solutions such as time account, holiday requests, etc.

Simple Usability

The software is intuitive and easy to use. Great features make communication, management and knowledge sharing easier.

Integration of eLearning Lections

Distribute your eLearning content to your employees with InfoPop. You can assign them to selected people and monitor their progress.

Professional Search System

It is a key advantage to find knowledge and items quickly. That makes ist possible to work effective which saves time.

Communication with Videochat

InfoPop also offers you the possibility to distribute information in the group or to start a video chat.

Tagging - Information Linkages

Our system searches for related content based on assigned tags and offers the user a selection for suitable other content.


Online Onboarding of New Employees

Help new employees to get started quickly and easily by swiftly getting an insight into the areas of responsibility and coming to know your colleagues better more easily.

Information and Certification

Use InfoPop to regularly perform certifications with your employees. In addition, the platform can also be used for further information distribution.

Team Communication

InfoPop is the ideal platform for exchanging information between a team. The chat function also simplifies the ability to communicate smoothly despite the distance.

Your App

We are happy to integrate your applications and data sources into the system to provide a one-stop shop for information in your company.


InfoPop adapts whether you’re working on your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

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